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Cornell Centrifugal Liquid Manure Pump Options

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Cornell Pumps

Cornell started as an agricultural company in 1946, Cornell has never forgotten its roots. With unique features including double volutes, balance lines Cycloseal® and RunDry™, our agricultural water and solid handling pumps are world renowned for durability, reliability, dependability, and efficiency. Cornell agriculture pumps are available in Close-Coupled, SAE Engine Mounted, Horizontal, and Vertical Configurations, with flows to 10,000 GPM and heads to 800′.

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Cornell MP Pump

MP-Series Pumps

70 years of innovation

The MP pumps are specifically designed for coarse abrasive slurry applications such as sand, gravel, coal, manure, and mine dewatering.

MP-Series Pumps are designed to handle coarse abrasives while providing robust service life in a slurry pump. Cornell Pump Company’s MP Mining Pump Series combines 70 years of innovation in pump manufacturing and design, with our highly regarded patented Cycloseal® technology.

Hydro Offers:

  • 4517MP
  • 61017MP
  • 6819MP
  • 81022MPL
Cornell N-Series Pump

N-Series Pumps

30 Years of Service

The N-series has more than 30 years of service as a waste-water handling favorite of the industry.

Cornell’s N-series solids handling pumps are available in discharge sizes from 1.25″ to 30″, and are designed to handle difficult solids handling applications. A range of mounting configurations are available, from close-coupled, SAE engine-mount, and horizontal frame-mount, to vertical and vertical coupled.

Hydro Offers:

  • 4414T-F18
  • 4514T-F18
  • 4NHTB
  • 6NHTB

  • 10NNT
  • 6NHTB19
  • 6NHTC19
  • 8NHG19

Pump Specifications Chart

DescriptionTypeMin FlowMax FlowDischarge SizeSuction SizeImpeller SizeMax Speed
4414T-F18Solids Handling200 GPM1300 GPM4″4″14″1800 RPM
4514T-F18Solids Handling~400 GPM~2000 GPM4″5″14″2300 RPM
4NHTBSolids Handling340 GPM2000 GPM4″5″17.5″2000 RPM
6NHTBSolids Handling300 GPM4042 GPM6″10″17.5″1770 RPM
10NNTSolids Handling~1200 GPM~8000 GPM10″10″17.5″1800 RPM
6NHTB19Solids Handling787 GPM3580 GPM6″8″19.5″2100 RPM
6NHTC19Solids Handling850 GPM4200 GPM6″8″19.5″2100 RPM
8NHG19Solids Handling1200 GPM7000 GPM8″10″19.5″2150 RPM
4517MPSlurry Pump375 GPM1750 GPM4″5″17.5″2000 RPM
61017MPSlurry Pump500 GPM4250 GPM6″10″17.5″1800 RPM
6819MPCSlurry Pump750 GPM3800 GPM6″8″19.5″2100 RPM
81022MPLSlurry Pump1200 GPM7700 GPM8″10″21.95″1800 RPM

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